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Who Is Matt Caselli & EGP?

Matt is a family man of 33 years who lives in Mount Sinai. He started his life-long career in the health insurance business back in 1990. At first, he worked on the corporate side with Vytra Health and Oxford Health Plans. After building many relationships with employers and insurance executives over time, in August of 2001, Matt founded Eagle Group Planning. His dedication to connecting people with the right health insurance has allowed his business to expand over the years to over 350 clients, along with a knowledgeable, professional staff to service them.

Matt has also served on many insurance company boards. His input and advice have been an important factor in molding various insurance products and how they work to serve employers, employees, and their communities. 

What Makes EGP Different?

While other companies spread themselves thin by juggling all areas of insurance simultaneously, Matt has always chosen to specialize solely in the health insurance area of employee benefits. This has allowed him to garner more experience about how to best meet the needs of his customers than his competition. With a deep knowledge of his industry, and a long-time loyal and dedicated staff, Matt provides his clients with strategies, advice, and solutions only a specialist with his experience can provide.

Also, having many relationships with executives and front-line employees (some for over 30 years!) at the carriers allows EGP to expedite certain matters and have exceptions granted that may not normally be approved. 

Our Approach

Providing your employees with a group health insurance and benefit plan is the ultimate way to keep them happy.  It can be hard to find great and inexpensive coverage and benefits. Eagle Group Planning has been providing New York businesses with low-cost group health insurance plans and employee benefit plans for almost 30 years.

Our wide network of insurance carriers makes it possible for us to tailor plans to suit the needs of our clients and their employees. We will do whatever it takes to help you attract and retain qualified employees by providing them with a brighter future.

115 Broadhollow Road, Suite 375, Melville, NY 11747